At Ibboo, we believe traveling is the best way to live life to the fullest, but with so many awesome destinations all over the world, it’s hard to figure out where to go. To help you choose the destination for your next trip, we’ve decided to put together this list of cities and places you don’t want to miss in 2021. Whether you love the city or the beach, you’ll definitely find something for you in this list. So join us on our tour around the world!


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If you want to live like a king for a few days, Dubai is the place for you. The city is known worldwide for its more than luxurious restaurants and hotels. If you’re ready to splash the big bucks on a trip, Dubai has to be on your bucket list this year.

Cape Town

Cape Town is one of our personal favorite destinations on this list. The city is a perfect mix between nature, beach and city. It is literally a photographers paradise. Great news for 2021 is that it’s never been easier to go to Cape Town, with a new route by United Airlines that will take you from Newark to Cape Town without connexion. So, what are you waiting for? South Africa is waiting for you!

The British Virgin Islands

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The British Virgin Islands is the definition of paradise. After being hit hard by Hurricane Irma, this beautiful archipelago is ready to welcome you in 2021. Whether you are looking for a luxury trip in a 5-star hotel like the Ritz-Carlton or a more rustic experience, the British Virgin Islands will definitely exceed your expectations.


Berlin is well-known for its over the top nightlife, but it’s way more than that. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city has known a cultural renaissance. It’s now a perfect mix between the present and the past. No matter the time of the day, there’s always something happening in Berlin.


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The Palawan region in the Philippines has a breathtaking nature to discover, whether you are over or under water. The landscape looks like it is coming straight out of a movie. It’s also considered one of the best places in the world to do scuba diving. It’s definitely are favorite place in the Philippines.


Budapest is one of our favorite city in Europe.The city is simply stunning with the Danube River separating Buda and Pest. It offers a combination of culture, blooming gastronomy and an electric nightlife. Even if it is located in East Europe, the city is considered one of the safest cities in the world. So don’t be scared to explore its beautiful streets.


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Being a Canadian company, we obviously love of country, but we have a special something for Vancouver. The city is located between the majestic Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. So whether you’re looking for a place to surf or ski, Vancouver is the place you want to go!

Rio de Janeiro

I am currently writing this article from the marvelous city of Rio. If you love beaches, nature, a tremendous nightlife and a unique architecture. Speaking of architecture, UNESCO selected this coastal city as the first “World Capital of Architecture for 2020”. With the recent events such as the Summer Olympics, it’s never been so easy to get around the city. No matter the time of the year you decide to visit the city, amazing weather awaits you. See you in sunny Rio!


Algarve is home to some of the most unique beaches in world. Surrounded by cliffs, the landscape is simply out of this world. It’s a great place to find perfect weather for most the year. Each city has its own charm but you’ll also find hidden treasures like the Benagil Caves for example. The region is used to tourism like no other region in Portugal, so you don’t need to speak portuguese to get around. Algarve is truly magical!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s tourism is booming more than ever at the moment. If you are looking not only for a trip, but for an adventure of a lifetime, you have to explore Sri Lanka. You’ll discover beautiful buddhist temples, incredible nature and beautiful beaches on the south coast. Adventure is calling!


The second African destination on our list, Cairo is a dream destination for someone who loves ancient history. There are so many landmarks around this city that it’s simply impossible to name all of them. The city itself is beautiful, but Cairo is the perfect starting point to explore monuments like the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx. With the new Giza museum set to open by the end of 2020, it is the perfect time to visit the Egyptian capital.


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When I first visited Vienna, my first thought was that it’s sort of the Paris of the East. The architecture in the austrian capital is simply incredible. It seems like every street reveals more and more breathtaking views. You’ll want to visit the museum district as well as the many castles spread around the city and, obviously, attending a show at the Vienna Opera is a must. We simply cannot get enough of this city!


Cusco was the original capital of the Inca empire. So no surprise that the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Strolling around the city, you’ll find a beautiful mix of Inca and colonial architecture. It’s also a great starting point to visit Peru’s most iconic places like the Rainbow Mountain or Machu Picchu. There is nothing that can be compared to Cusco.



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The Islands of Tahiti are the perfect image of tropical paradise: crystal clear water, amazing mountains and a unique biodiversity. This destination has long been known by surfers for one of the most famous waves in the world, Teahupoo, but it’s getting more and more mainstream. It has become a perfect place for honeymooners and couples as a dream destination. This destination is worth the trip!


This little piece of paradise in the Caribbeans will certainly win your heart. If you like the outdoors you will love Dominica. You’ll find hundreds of rivers and waterfalls, nearly 500 hundred kilometres of hiking trails and, to finish the day right, you’ll find one of the biggest hot spring in the world. Don’t be mistaken by its size, there’s so much to do on this small island, the only thing that is missing is you!


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Our last African destination on this list will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. If you are looking for a destination that is off the beaten tracks, Rwanda is the place for you. You will be able to get up close with nature’s greatest animals such as gorillas and leopards. It is definitely a destination to put on your bucket list before it gets too crowded.

Big Island

Another tropical paradise that has been hit by natural disaster in 2018, Big Island is ready to welcome tourists again. Being in the United States, the infrastructure are better than the other tropical destinations we present on this list. You’ll obviously have to pay a bit more for your food and accommodation, but you’ll be rewarded by beautiful landscapes that are worth every penny you’ll spend. We believe it’s a great destination for people who are new to adventure traveling. Even if you are hundreds of miles from the shore, you’ll still feel like home.


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If you want to explore the rich culture of Thailand, Buriram is the perfect place for you. Less crowded than most of the other provinces in Thailand, this piece of paradise will let you discover stunning landscape and untouched monuments.


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Looking for a unique romantic getaway with your better half? The Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, has to be up there. The sparkling blue water and the calmness of this magical chain of islands will make you forget about your busy life. This destination is still slightly under the radar because of the time it takes to get there, but if you’re ready to do the journey, paradise awaits you.

Byron Bay

Whether you are looking for a layback vibe destination or a luxury getaway, Byron Bay is a great choice for you. Being a surfers paradise for years, this New South Wales town has slowly developed into an amazing destination for travelers of every kind. Byron Bay feels like it’s holiday all year round. You’ll simply won’t want to leave.

After reading this article, we would love to hear about you. Which destination holds the top spot for you? Did we forget a destination? We cannot wait to read you!

This article was written by Simon Dallaire, Co-founder at Ibboo


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