No matter how much time you spend on a plane, you might want to take a nap during the trip. Unfortunately, comfort is not always optimal. Here are 5 tips to help you sleep better on your next flights.

5. Take a sleeping pill

A sleeping pill will allow you to sleep like a baby for three to four hours. When you will wake up, you will not even feel the effects. For a traveler who has difficulty sleeping on the plane, this option of last resort can be very effective, especially for a night flight. However, be careful not to create a habit.

4. Do not sleep a lot the day before

This option may not be the healthiest but can still be effective. Spending a sleepless night is not the best idea, but sleeping only four or five hours will allow you to get on the plane already tired. Therefore, it will be easier to fall asleep. Make sure you have enough time on the plane to make up for lost sleep to start your journey on the right foot.

3. Have a drink or two

For many travelers, stopping at the bar before flying is already a habit. After a few drinks, the flight is always more enjoyable, especially if you are able to sleep all the way through the trip. However, sure to drink responsibly and respect other travelers and flight attendants.

2. Choose the seat next to the window

When you have the option of choosing your seat, select the one next to the window. You will be sure to have a place to rest all along your journey. If you are sitting in the center or next to the aisle, just ask the person sitting next to you the permission to lean against his or her shoulder.

1. Sleep with your Ibboo

Any traveler who likes to travel in comfort does so with Ibboo. It will feel like you are relaxing in your living room. Traveling with the ultimate set of travel pillow allows your entire body to relax comfortably. The pillow with the unique design provides a 360-degree support. You will literally have your head in the clouds. The lumbar cushion ensures an optimal rest position for your back. The arm pocket relaxes your upper body. Put on your eye mask and your earplugs and you will reach the dream zone in a few minutes. When you get to your destination, just roll your memory foam set into the little compression bag and you’re all set !

The article “5 Tips to sleep well on the plane” was written by Philippe Dallaire, President and Co-founder of Ibboo4u, Inc.

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