5 Tips to enjoy your time on the plane

5 Tips to enjoy your time on the plane

Whether you travel frequently or not, the time spent on an airplane is not always the most enjoyable part of the trip. So we have found the 5 best tips to improve your flying experience.

5. Have a good book to read or listen to

What’s better to feed our creativity than reading a book we love while traveling? If you like reading, you probably bring a book with you when you travel but have you ever heard of the Audible app? The application allows you to listen to millions of books at low prices. It’s a unique way to keep your mind moving while relaxing. Put on your eye mask your headphones and you will be transported to an imaginary world.


4. Play games on your tablet / computer / cellphone

Integrated entertainment services are not always optimal for all travelers, especially for video games. If you have a tablet, a cell phone or even your laptop, downloading games that do not require an internet connection can be a great idea for entertaining. Whether you prefer adventure games, memory games or strategy games, you have millions of options available on the web for you.

3. Download Netflix movies or TV shows to your mobile

Good news for Netflix fans. The company now offers the opportunity to download movies or TV shows directly to your cell phone, tablet or laptop if you have the Windows 10 version. So, if you’d like to watch your favorite series on the plane, no problem, it is now possible. In other words, Netflix and chill during your flight.

2. Connect to internet during your flight for a low cost

Do you want to connect to the internet at more than 30 000 feet? It is now possible. You can work on the plane or email your friends or relatives. However, be careful as some websites may not be available. The best option is to use applications since they use less data. To maximize the speed of your browsing, be sure to close any applications you do not use.


1. Sleeping comfortably with your Ibboo

What’s better than sleeping to spend time on the plane? The vast majority of travelers can not rest as well as they would like and most of them wake up with cramps or back pain. Today, this problem is finally solved with Ibboo. The ultimate set of travel pillows will transport you to the dream zone. The pillow with its unique design provides a 360-degree support, no more problem of a falling head. The lumbar cushion ensures optimal resting position for the body. There is also an arm pocket, an eye mask and earplugs to give you the ultimate relaxation experience. No more discomfort on the plane: enjoy first class comfort. Travel in comfort and arrive rested, your journey will start on the right foot.

The article “5 tips to enjoy your time on the plane” was written by Philippe Dallaire, President and Cofondateur at Ibboo4u, Inc.

Canada, your destination of choice for the summer!

After a long winter, summer is finally here. This is the perfect time to enjoy the sun and discover Canada. We have chosen five favorite activities to do during your stay in our country.


  1. Fishing

Canada is known for its nature and beautiful landscapes. One thing that is often put a side is the marvelous sport of fishing. Canada has approximately 2 million lakes that are home to more than twenty different types of fish. So, whether you’re looking to have a great time with your friends or your family, fishing should be on your summer 2018 bucket list.


Here is a link to the top 10 fishing resorts in Canada: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/HotelsList-Canada-Fishing-Resorts-zfp7727717.html


  1. Walk in the national parks

Walking outside is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the beauty of the environment, especially if you are in Canada. No matter the length of the trail, the weather or the people, you are sure to have a unique connection with nature. From the east to the west coast, the choice is yours depending on your preferences.


Here is the list of the 44 national parks in Canada: http://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/map-canada-parks/


  1. Go to a summer festival

Canada is known for its diversity of cultures, its art scene, and of course its numerous music festivals. After a couple of days of hiking and visiting this immense country, take a couple of days for yourself to get out and live the real canadian party life. Go to a music festival and party with the Canadians!! Dj’s from all over the world come to the canadian festivals. The choice is literally yours. Enjoy!


Here are the 20 best music festivals in Canada: https://www.jonesaroundtheworld.com/music-festivals-in-canada/


  1. Niagara Falls

What would be a visit to Canada without the most famous attraction? The Niagara Falls are a must, there is no doubt about this. If you are in the Toronto area for a couple of days, we strongly suggest to book a night in Niagara Falls and enjoy a night next to the biggest waterfalls of the country.


Here are the ten best hotels in Niagara Falls: https://www.niagarafallshotels.com/top-10-niagara-falls-hotels/


  1. Drink microbrewery beers and eat a good poutine.

After a day of fun visiting this beautiful country, why not try some of the best micro brewing beers and try the famous poutine? Yes, that’s right, french fries, gravy sauce and the unique cheese will give you a real taste of the quebecer culture. Canada is home to many micro-brewery companies that have been around for many years and are worldwide known. Whatever you decide to do during your stay in Canada, you’re are sure to have an awesome time!

Here are 10 of the best craft breweries to explore in Canada: https://cottagelife.com/outdoors/top-10-craft-breweries-to-explore-in-canada/  


Written by Philippe Dallaire, B.B.A. President – Co-Founder at Ibboo4u Inc. Passionate about the world of travel since a young age, he shares his knowledge to help you discover new experiences. Philippe studied at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières and at the University of Hertfordshire in England.


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