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How do I put my Ibboo pillow on?

Don’t worry we got your neck! First place the Ibboo in front of you. Make sure you are looking at the inner side, this is where your neck needs to be. Place the black side around your neck while making sure that the pillow matches your shoulder curves and that the velcro is at the front. When in place, gently tight the velcro as you want.

How do I tight the velcro?

When the pillow is placed how you want it to be, with your right hand, decide how tight you want the pillow to be. Then with your left hand, gently attach the end piece of the velcro to the pillow.

How do I place my lumbar cushion?

Place the flat part of the cushion on your back seat. Place the round part at the lower part of your back. Adjust it as you want so you feel comfortable.

How do I fit my Ibboo in the small bag?

  1. Roll the lumbar cushion so it makes a cylinder.
  2. Roll the pillow with the cushion so it makes a cylinder.
  3. Place your rolled cylinder in the small bag.
  4. Fold the carrier bag and place it in the small bag.
  5. Place your eye mask and ear plugs inside.
  6. Tight the bag to secure all your Ibboo items.
  7. Attach the bag were ever you want so you are hands free.

How do I use the carrier bag?

Make sure the pillow and the cushions are out of the bag before using it. Place the soft elastic over your neck so the bag comes in front of you. Place your arms inside pocket and have a great sleep!

Can I wash my Ibboo pillow?

Yes, the cover is removable and machine washable. The memory foam core can’t be cleaned. Open the zipper and take the cover off the memory foam. Wash the cover by itself. Make sure it is completely dry before placing it back on the memory foam.

How do I place the pillow cover back on the memory foam?

Open the zipper and gently insert the cover over the memory foam. Start with one side of the cover and move slowly to the other by smoothly handling the memory foam and placing it tightly in the cover. Make sure there is no loose between the cover and the memory foam.

Does the Ibboo pillow come with a compression bag, ear plugs and eye mask?

Yes, every Ibboo pillow comes with a pillow case, a pair of ear plugs and an eye mask.

What are the materials used to make Ibboo products?

Each Ibboo pillows and lumbar cushions are filled with memory foam.

The covers are made of Rayon, Nylon, Spandex

The bags are made of polyester and spandex.

The ear plugs are made of memory foam. The eye masks are made of cotton.

How do you ship? When will I receive my order?

Orders are fulfilled by our partner, 3DM group who are also based in Montréal. Shipments are made with Canada Post, FedEx or UPS. Delivery time will vary from country to country, average delivery time is 3 – 10 working days. Additional tracking information for your order may be requested by emailing us at

Why does my Order Status still say “Processing”?

“Processing” indicates that your order was received and will soon be shipped. Order status may continue to say “Processing” after it has already shipped and arrived at its destination.

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