Lumbar cushion

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Relieves Back Pain and Tension – The lumbar cushion fits the lower back natural curve perfectly. It improves middle and lower back stiffness and tension caused by sedentary back pain, muscle pain from weight lifting and exercise, arthritis, stenosis, herniated discs, and general body pain.

Ergonomic Design – The arc contoured lower back cushion was designed according to the natural curve of the human back. It can effectively support the cervical vertebra of the lower back, improve the sitting posture, relax your back.

Premium Memory Foam – Memory foam can absorb the pressure of the human body, whose hardness changed according to the human body temperature. Medically proven, it can effectively relieve musculoskeletal pain and can be used as an auxiliary treatment of cervical and lumbar spine problems.

Easy to Carry – The small lumbar support comes in a portable size of 5.79 x 4.29 x 1.42 inches. It can be used on the plane, office chairs, car seats, armchairs, couches, wheelchairs, recliners and used as a nap pillow or wrist pad! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments on our products or service.

Order includes :

  • One memory foam lumbar cushion
  • One carrier bag that transforms into an arm bag



Why choose memory foam?

– Memory foam is very sensitive to temperature. It provides softness and hardness according to the temperature of the body so that every part it touches can relax.

– Also known as slow rebound, the product depresses under pressure, and the rebound is not obvious. After the pressure is removed, the product will return to its original state and evenly disperse.

– Decomposing the pressure of the human body, like floating in the cloud, the whole body blood unobstructed lets you sleep comfortably.

Care Tips :

1. The pillow core cannot be exposed to the sun.

2. The fabric needs to be clean with cold water.

3. The memory foam core can be used for a long time.

4. Memory foam cannot be washed.

Ibboo is proud to partner with Give Back to Nature to help a cause that is close to our hearts, the well-being of our planet.

For every pillow and cushion sold, one tree will be planted in a region destroyed by deforestation.

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